Acts29 Youth Ministries


Mission Statement: Acts29 Youth Ministry's mission is to stir the fires of revival in our young people by reading, studying, and living the book of Acts today.


Vision: Acts29 Youth Ministry's vision is to be the next chapter of Acts by studying the Word of God and instilling that Word in young people to prepare them to bring about revival in the EndTime church age.



Acts29 Youth Service occurs every sunday morning during Sunday school ages 12-21.  Additional Youth and Hyphen services occur monthly on Friday evenings.


Oh Ya, we have fun too!!!!

Off to Midwinter Youth 2015 in Appleton, WI

The Gang

New Kids On The Block


Can never go out of town and not find friends

Look how is all grown up?

We had the best time






Thorp, WI Youth Connection March 2014


Youth Ministry Team (YMT) - New Material

YouTube Video Lyrics
We Won't Be Shaken  
Freedom (Where The Spirit of The LORD is)  
Your Love Never Fails Your Love Never Fails (Lyrics)


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